Getting Started with Crossbones CrossFit
Join Crossbones.  Join a School of Fitness.  Join the Family.


Get started by signing up for a private introduction to CrossBones.  

We will assign you a professional coach to give you a personal tour of the facility, run you through a private training session and have a chat about your individual goals and how we can help achieve them.  

If you like what we have to say, you will be asked to complete 15-20 hours of private training to prepare you for group classes.  Throughout the private training, your coach will cover nutrition, olympic lifting, power lifting, basic gymnastic movements, kettlebell work, mobility and more.  This gives us an opportunity to analyze and address any potential weaknesses and areas for specific improvement well before you are put into class.  

When you graduate into classes, your coach will continue to meet with you in a private capacity a minimum of once every 6 months in order to properly assess your progress in relation to your goals.  

E-mail and indicate if you would prefer Mornings (5-9am) Daytime (9-3pm) or Evenings (3pm and onwards) to book in your private introduction.

Join Crossbones.  Join a School of Fitness.  Join the Family.